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Time to dive in on RZE's latest Ti beast...


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8 February 2021 at 8:00:00 AM

RZE Endeavour Dive Watch Is Tougher Than The Kraken. Change My Mind

Time to dive in on RZE's latest Ti beast...

By Rob Nudds PUBLISHED: FEBRUARY 08, 2021


I finally did it. I have entered the world of a 21st-century journalist and referenced a meme in the title of an article. Just as this might become a new habit of mine, so too does it seem producing compelling value propositions has become a (welcome) habit of RZE. Just last week I shared with you my hands-on experiences with the RZE Resolute. Now it is time to discuss the latest model in this young brand’s catalog: the RZE Endeavour.

If you haven’t read my thoughts on the RZE Resolute, I would encourage you to check out that article. It goes into detail on why I am thrilled to see such an unusual case shape from RZE. This whole brand project has, right from the get-go, been riddled with smart details. It isn’t just the angular case that I like. No, my admiration for the execution of this project extends beyond that. The wise choice of finish satisfies me. The interesting selection of dial and strap colorways excites me. Both green and blue lume making an appearance on the dial tickles my inner child. And all that comes before we get to a price that ties this whole proposition up in a neat little bow.

A legacy to be proud of

The RZE Endeavour is the namesake of HMS Endeavour, the ship commanded by Captain James Cook. With a water resistance of 200 meters, the RZE Endeavour does its eponym proud.

As with the Resolute, the Endeavour is made from titanium. It is lightweight and comfortable against the skin thanks to Titanium’s low conductivity (which makes it less likely to take on or lose heat rapidly, remaining a cool, relatively stable temperature throughout the day regardless of the environment).

Colors to remember

What really makes the Endeavour stand out from the Resolute, however, are the amazing colors employed on the dial. Now, the crisp “Polaris White” and the professional “Frigate Grey” are cool enough, but the other two shades — “Pacific Blue” and the eye-popping “Medallion Yellow” — are really something special.

The Pacific Blue is a sumptuously deep shade of blue that works particularly well with the granulated surface texture of the dial. Meanwhile, the Medallion Yellow model is a law unto itself. I’m not entirely sure how often I would wear a watch that was this yellow, but I can already imagine how much joy it would give me just sitting there in my watch box, surrounded by straitlaced company.

RZE had similar success with the red model in the first wave of releases. Will the Medallion Yellow Endeavour be as popular or palatable as the red Resolute? In my opinion, it cannot help but find yet more favor than its frisky forerunner. The Endeavour is clearly a sportier watch than the Resolute. As such, it looks just fine with a yellow dial while on land, and while yellow is not the fastest color to fade to grey underwater, the contrast between this dial and the black-rimmed hands/luminous markers is more than sufficient to ensure excellent underwater readability.

Summon the Kraken

So what was that title all about? Well, the RZE Endeavour is, like its predecessor, coated with an UltraHex coating. This coating protects it from picking up incidental scratches. The UltraHex coating makes the surface of these watches eight times harder than 316L stainless steel. In addition to super anti-reflective sapphire crystals and closed case backs, the first pair of models from this enticing micro are looking up to snuff. Additionally, RZE makes a big deal about the fact the cases are fitted with VITON® gaskets. These gaskets are, apparently, quite highly thought of in the world of water resistance.

Saving the best till last

The RZE Endeavour is a comfortable everyday adventure watch made from grade 2 titanium coated with UltraHex, measuring 40.5mm wide, 12.5mm thick, and 46mm lug-to-lug. Powering proceedings is the ever-reliable SII NH38A automatic movement, which is a smart choice that should not be overlooked. Why? Because the NH38A, unlike the more commonly employed NH35, does away with the date. That means this watch doesn’t have a dead second crown position. Rejoice!

It’s kind of funny because the NH38 is technically an open-heart movement. I personally hate open-heart watches. To be frank, I can barely imagine something I would like to have on my wrist less and I make a living on the back of my imagination. But the NH38 movement is a Godsend. Leaning on the NH38 to do what the NH35 cannot is something more brands should do when they don’t want or need a stuffy little date window on the dial.

Decisions like this show me one thing very clearly. It doesn’t matter whether you like the aesthetic of these watches or not. RZE is a brand that knows what it is doing. There is a reasoned thought process behind every design but also enough creativity in the product offering itself for this brand to hint at a promising future.

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